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 "It is clear beyond doubt that Hazel is passionate about great customer service.  We all appreciate those moments when we are made to feel special, or when someone has gone beyond our expectations, especially in a commercial setting.  Hazel is committed to making those events happen in an effortless way.  She has experience & training to understand what it takes."

Theresa Ryan, Partner Sinclairs Pharmacy, Stratford, ON Canada


“Hazel is a breath of fresh air. She knows exactly what she is talking about on the content and is able to manage complex changes from start to finish. What sets her apart is that Hazel has great interpersonal and communication skills, which enable her to get her message across and make people want to work for and with her. I loved working with her!
Abigael Verspoor, Program Manager/ Trainer/ Coach at Ludens Talentontwikkeling
"Hazel is professional with a hands-on attitude. Her creativity helped to find solutions for complex situations. One thing I liked is her ability to create teams and inspire them to deliver the best results, even in stressful situations."
Cornelia Gangl, Senior Project Manager KPN NL

“Hazel is a no-nonsense project manager with excellent working attitude who possesses outstanding managerial skills. . Hazel is not afraid to deal with risk and acts pro-actively accordingly. Hazel leverages her result driven orientation with a real charming interest in the persons she works with. Hazel's track record of mission critical projects speaks for itself..”
Frank Huybrechts, Billing Manager at Ezilly BV
"I worked with Hazel at T-Mobile whilst she was responsible for setting up and managing the Customer Relationship analyst and development team. Her proactive approach to managing and mentoring the team led not only to the creation of a successful team committed to driving through and implementing changes but also on a personal development level I learnt a lot from working for Hazel. Some of those skills I still use to this day. It was one of the best teams I have ever worked in!"
Christian Eissner, Partner bei Deloitte Consulting GmbH.
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