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Find your toilet wow!

I know it’s a really weird title for a blog post but bear with me, it will all make sense when you start reading.

Ok so I will come clean: I can be a bit of a princess now and again. Heard of the Princess and the Pea story? For me, it’s more like the princess and the downright dirty story. If I walk into any business, big or small, value or high end, my little dirt detection antennas fire up, and boy don’t even get me started on public bathrooms.

So imagine my shock, immediately followed by delight, when I arrived at our campsite this summer to find the shower and toilet block looking like it has just been photographed for the cover of Better Homes & Gardens. I’ve stayed in 5 star hotels who don’t have bathrooms as nice as this! Don’t believe me? Take a look yourself…

I know right! Wow! On a campsite…again Wow!

What could the camp site owners have been thinking? I mean it’s the norm to not have high expectations when it comes to camping showers. That’s the stereotypical image we have of campsites.

That, my lovely folks, is exactly the point. Knowing what your industry stereotypes are, both good and bad and making sure you are delivering on the good perceptions and turn a negative perception into amazing opportunities for innovation. In this story’s case it was toilets wowing people with luxury that is simply not the norm. Does this make that business stand out? Eh, yes! By taking a negative perception of their industry and turning it into a positive they surpassed their customers’ expectations and in turn created that Wow! factor.

Am I going to forget that Wow….nope. Will I tell others about it? Absolutely! In fact, here’s the camp site details - Camping Trans-Canadien de Rigaud, Quebec, Canada

Can you do the same for your business?Absolutely! So what the hell are you waiting for? We, your customers, are waiting for you to Wow! us.

Making Change Happen understands the importance of Wowing the socks off your customers. If you’ve been inspired to over deliver and delight your customers but aren’t sure how to start, get in touch for a free 30 minute brainstorming session. Making Change Happen also offers deeper dives where we help you get your employees on board the Wowing process. You’ll have all kinds of customers with naked feet after we’re done with you!

Be so good your customers can’t ignore you!

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