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Caught up in the details?

So here is my question to you, do we get caught up in the details too much?

I say hell yes we do in all manner of ways. I’m not saying that getting caught up in the details is wrong all the time (there are times when we do need to be focusing more on the details) but mostly, in our day to day lives, business or otherwise, we let ourselves get bogged down in the details. We let ourselves get distracted, with those finicky details that don’t really matter, at least not yet! You know the ones I mean. The details that see us going round in circles, getting nowhere other than feeling frustrated and beaten down. So whilst it may be our fears that create that nice little box we put ourselves in I reckon it’s those pesky details that are keeping us in there.

Maybe in the long run some of those details will become important but right now we need to keep moving forward which means stop sweating over the small stuff. It is my ambition to become a leading authority on customer happiness, helping people and businesses deliver unforgettably great service to their customers and as much as I would love to wake up tomorrow and for me to already be that leading authority, let’s face it for most of us it’s going to take a lot longer than one day for our ambitions to come to fruition. Time, lots of effort, lots of mistakes and a bucket full of perseverance are most definitely needed. To create that momentum to get us there we need to un-focus ourselves from the details, try new things, experiment and refine as we go and for goodness sake let’s try and keep it simple. I don’t know about you but I am going to give it go and see where it takes me!

You in?

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