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The OMG Moments!

There are always things happening in our life, whether through choice or circumstance, that lead us down that path of change. Sometimes we dance merrily down that path towards something new or different and sometimes we are dragged kicking and screaming.

No matter why or how we make change happen it makes us a better or wiser version of ourselves. It’s a catalyst for personal growth, just like business changes or innovations make way for growth in that business.

In my work life I deal with change all the time, it’s what I do, it’s what I love doing. In my personal life, mwah, let’s just say I don’t always practice what I preach. Shocking I know but let’s be honest.

So moving country is a big change right? In the summer of 2013 my family and I moved from The Netherlands to Canada. A pretty big move I would say. Did I dance merrily down that change path or was I kicking and screaming that path all the way. Actually it is somewhere in between. We weren’t pushed, it was a conscious choice we made but even making change your choice you’ve got to realize it will come with hurdles.

There are a lot of emotions involved; the OMG what am I doing then the OMG what have I done, the excitement of the new, the uncertainty of the unknown, the doubts.…it can be a scary process. I left behind family and friends, my nice newly renovated house, my safe comfortable environment, my whole work community, a good credit history….oh and decently priced wine! In return I got a whole new world of unknowns and uncertainties, no credit history…oh and overpriced wine. Okay so maybe a wee bit over dramatized (apart from the credit history and wine!)

When you make big changes in your life, or at work, or to your business, there will be a lot of OMG moments, and certainly in the beginning you will compare the old and the new a lot, you judge too quickly. I had already learned from my previous ‘country’ move that different is not always worse, it’s just different, and guess what it can sometimes even be better…sshhh!

Looking back now on the move I see that it has given us all the opportunity to grow, to learn new things about ourselves and has opened new doors for change on both a personal level and career wise.

I ask myself now what if we had decided not to move and you know what I think….yip, OMG!

So the moral of this story is that it’s good to make scary decisions, it’s good to let change happen in your life. It will not be a smooth ride but it will be so OMG worth it!

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