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Our Approach

With over 20 years of experience helping companies implement their changes and deliver their innovations our approach is simple. We keep the focus on the customer and have an eye for the detail.

It’s all in

the details

Most businesses don’t see

them or don’t care

If you want to STAND OUT, start noticing! You can be sure your customers will feel it!

The approach we take at Making Change Happen is that the real magic of creating unique customer experiences begins when the 4 cornerstones of your service business align. The core values you have for your business becomes a living and breathing entity which is evident in everything you do; from having amazing people who believe and work and live by those values, a physical or virtual location which exudes those values, processes which support and customers who feel those core values in everything they see and experience.

Our Simple equation at Making Change Happen for building a sustainable business that will meet the needs of its customers today and in the future is:



Creating a Change Culture


Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences


= A WOW Business

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