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Who's Hazel


I am  the founder and lead change facilitator of Making Change Happen. For over twenty years now I have been helping companies implement change into their organizations.


My passion is to rid all companies of mediocre customer service. Why? Because I hate bad service, there really is no need for it. I realize the immense value it can bring to companies who embrace great customer service and make it a core company value and also know that it is achievable for all companies who are open to change and disrupting the status quo.


My approach is simple.  It's about gaining insights by listening to what our customers have to say, focusing on the little things that others don’t look at and believing that our employees are a key source of our service greatness. I provide change tools/methods that will motivate, engage and illuminate the path to employee and customer happiness.


I believe  in attentiveness to detail; being respectful; sincerity in all that you do; being intentional about what you do, being pro-active in trying new things, being purposeful and keeping things simple, meaningful and fun! 



My company’s values mirror that of my own; we care; are passionate, sincere and intentional about making small changes which will have a big impact on the happiness of both employees and customers. We help companies understand better their customers’ needs by creating great teams, processes that don't hinder and an awesome place that will delight!

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra."

Jimmy Johnson

Learn more about me and my journey to entrepreneurship as a guest on Across the Desk.

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